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Contracting cubans/ Entertainment & culture

Cuba Professionals Inc. has placed Cuban Candidates all over the globe since January 2009. Our mission is to find perfect candidates for both Cuban based operations and abroad. We pride ourselves in working 

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Full production services Cuba

White the interest in cuba at an all time high and recent legislation encouraging film and production in Cuba, Cuba professionals will help your vision become reality. Not only will we take you step by step through the permits, location selection

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Consultancy/ Investors tours

Cuba Professionals Inc. helps foreign entities, international recruitment agencies and individuals explore current business, advertising and investment opportunities within Cuba in accordance with Cuban legislation. 

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About Cuba

Cuba Professionals can advise on any specific information you may require on Cuba, and we have also added some Cuba websites in the ‘Link’ section.
“Yet Havana has always been a palimpsest on which travelers write their own hopes and dreams. From
Christopher Columbus searching for a New World to Che Guevara seeking the New Man, visitors have found only what they came to find. Whether viewed through the rose-tinted lenses of exile or distorted by the funhouse mirrors of politics, Havana remains veiled. Had I, too, seen only what I wanted to see?” Alfredo Jose Estrada – ‘Havana, Autobiography of a City’

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Abouts Us

“Men of action, above all those whose actions are guided by love, live forever” – Jose Marti

Cuba Professionals Inc.’ was registered in Panama March 2009. With an array of clients all over the world, we pride ourselves in repeat business as this is the best feedback one can get. Our excellent network of support staff and Cuban Agency affiliations allow us to offer sound advice and efficient service worldwide. Our offices are in Malaga (Spain) and Havana, which ensures consistent communication and on hand support to our clients.


Meet the team

Frederick Jelliff
Managing Director, Board Member
Luis Gonzalez Seijo
General Manager, Board Member, Cuba.
Devon Andrew Young
Consultant, Board Member.
Lali Prada Lopez
Marketing business